BizBang Show 2023

Think Tank Edition

Digital Transformation Made Simple



The Collective Intelligence of Digital Transformation


BizBang Show is a new series of conference-expo events, focusing on the challenges of the digital age, consisting of high-level conversations and use cases to guide companies through their processes of digital transformation and business growth business.


It is a unique immersive event that connects the most innovative solution providers technology with entrepreneurs, founders, C-level executives and managers from the sales, marketing, human resources, supply chain and IT departments.


An opportunity for SMEs, Corporations and the Public Sector to understand, learn, explore and experience firsthand the right solution for their their own business digitization needs.


The event has restricted access. 


The state of the art and priorities for the digitization of high-level professional enterprises.


The constant acceleration of economic and social change requires constant observation and analysis of its impact.


In preparation for the 2024 edition, the BizBang Show Think Tank aims to shed light on the changes brought about by this transformation and to define a list of priorities for future developments in the scenario to accelerate the transition on principles of economic, environmental and social sustainability.


Bringing together a group of professionals, managers and entrepreneurs who are engaged in the development of their companies every day creates a moment of high-level professional education.



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Founded in 1920, Fiera Milano is Italy's reference point for the organization of trade fairs and events of international scope. Actively engaged not only in providing a professional and stimulating environment for participants in its events, but also in contributing to the economic growth and modernization of business sectors by becoming a real catalyst for business opportunities, a center for knowledge exchange and a meeting point for key players in different industries.

Netcomm is the reference point for e-commerce and digital retail on the national and international scene. Born in 2005, it brings together more than 480 companies composed of international companies and small-to-medium enterprises of excellence. Netcomm promotes the development of e-commerce and the digital evolution of businesses, generating value for the entire Italian economic system and for consumers.

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